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Artificial Intelligence

Proliferate your business with our Artificial Intelligence services that help in making your products and enterprises smarter. From machine learning, deep learning to computer vision, processing tools and much more we do it all for you. Avail our services to turn your vision into smart AI apps that give a new turn to your brand.

Bringing Smart AI/ML Solutions For You

AI is the new emerging technology being immensely popular that help us in creating smart machines to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence is proving to be the necessary ingredient in businesses today. Almost every business, startups are implementing AI solutions in their processes and products. Artificial intelligence has helped us in developing a way for humans and machines to work together. Implementing AI solutions not only seems fascinating but has also helped us in lessening our work burden, making tasks simpler, and giving us innovative solutions to our everyday chores. Tailoring solutions for web and mobile applications, artificial intelligence is helping you in making your business smarter. From making your smartphones smarter to playing your favourite songs on your demand, to building self-learning apps and much more the AI world has a lot to offer.

Techhaus Innovative is a leading Artificial Intelligence service provider in India has helped in creating innovative, smart, promising solutions to its various client’s demands. Possessing 10+ years of experience and delivered over 650+ apps, TechHaus Innovative has garnered a strong network with our clients. We cultivate a dedicated team of skilled professionals that understand your vision and implement their skills to create astounding solutions for you. We serve business of all sizes and are extremely accountable for our projects. Our skilled AI/MI experts build aids specific to your needs, develop robust machine learning models and harbour tangible benefits for your business. From building standard to customizable AI solutions, we do it all. Trust us with your ideas and we will surprise you with our services.
Book a free consultation call today with our experts to discuss your ideas and strategies. Witness the evolution of your vision into perfection with us.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Computer Vision

Our AI experts are well versed with various object recognition and image classification that help in gathering your customer’s interests and creating advanced feature apps.

ChatBot Construction

Implementing the ideas of AI to create chatbot solutions. Our engineers develop humans like interactions with our chatbot that help in building a better connection with you and your customers.

Voice Assistants

Our developers create the perfect voice assistants for you using NPL and sound recognition. It helps in building a simplified and strong connection with your brand and customers.

Machine Learning Solutions

Implementing the advancements of AI our developers develop real-time solutions. From storing unstructured data to deciphering it into insights for your business growth

Business Intelligence Services

Our developers help you in creating well-structured strategies, client analysis, performance insights and foreseeing for hiking your business profits.

Voice Assistants

Our developers create the perfect voice assistants for you using NPL and sound recognition. It helps in building a simplified and strong connection with your brand and customers.

Our Artificial Intelligence Development Process

We implement deep learning and machine learning to create industry grade applications. Our developers follow a well-defined methodology to create perfect solutions for you.

Project Requirements
  • Get to know our client
  • Pointing the client’s requirements
  • Proposing the solution
Wireframing & Designing
  • Blueprint structure
  • Wireframing each screen
  • Designing the app
  • Coding the app
  • Layout sections
  • Client’s feedback
Project Requirements
  • Automatic testing
  • Manual testing
  • Bug-free assurance
  • Final approval from the client
Deployment & Maintenance
  • Deployment to the app store
  • Deployment to client’s server
  • Maintenance and tech support for 6 months

Why Choose TechHaus Innovative For iOS App Development Services

Free Consultation:
TechHaus Innovative’s team of experts attend a consultation meeting without any charges. Here, we try to understand your requirements and queries. Our experts will give satisfactory answers to the queries related to iOS app development.

Hire Models:
We provide flexible hiring models that meet your work requirements. You can hire our iOS developers on hourly rates or fixed rates according to your budget and time.

100% Transparency:
We keep updating our clients about the project growth during the complete app development process. We believe in our ethics and values.

Experienced App Developers:
We have an experienced team of iOS app developers who surveillance your project very carefully.

Tech Support:
During the app development process, if you have any query then our tech support team will assist you with appropriate solutions to your problems and if further, you need more help, our experts will assist you.

Maintenance Support:
After the delivery and deployment of the project, we provide you 6 months of maintenance support. During this period, if you somehow meet any issue, we will immediately resolve it.

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