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Know Us A Little Better

Why We?

Before you hire someone for your work, there is one question you must keep seeking answers for, “why this company or person”, and it is best to investigate and verify answers to your question. This will lead you to the right choice. You should not hurry while hiring someone for your work.
Here’s our point about why you should hire us as your project partner..,

  • We focus on what you want, what are you really looking for, and what you deserve the best.
  • We work on your strong points as well as weak points, We help you analyze your competitor in the right direction.
  • We provide the project delivery on or before the deadline with no active bug.
  • We believe in quality work and thus provide the same.

We Provides Best Results

Your budget matters a lot, and we do not exceed the budget by adding unnecessary products or services. We provide you the best results to maintain a professional relationship.

We provide 24*7 support system. You can take follow up about your project at any time.

The maintenance time-period is of 6 months after delivery of the project. If you face any issue, we will be there to resolve it.

We provide you a full right to meet our team professionally and build a strong relationship.

We work on the latest technologies, build strong strategies, and analyze everything carefully.



At TechHaus, each project begins with collaboration where we learn about your idea, vision, goals and the scope of the project. We believe that through collaboration, everyone involved including you, is able to authentically contribute to great results for the final project.


The best outcome is often achieved by exploring alternatives and testing possible options. At this stage it is all about listening to you and applying our expertise to build a foundation upon which we can launch the project. Together, we will map out deadlines, marketing strategies and lay out the design and development requirements. This process may take up to two weeks.


Once we have transformed your initial or core idea into a solid concept, our creative work begins. We consider your unique needs when designing the visual brand including color selection, typeface and other such factors. At each step of the way, we send you designs for continuous feedback to ensure that the creative is in line with your requirements.


The development process begins as soon as you approve the design and content. The RH Techlogic team of developers aims to provide your customers with top of the class user experience. We are committed to quality and we will only release your site when it is completely functional and meets your standards.


After hours and weeks of concept development, designing and redesigning, content creation and debugging code, the project is ready for testing before it is launched. We then undertake additional quality assurance and a pre-launch test before handing over the final product to you.

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